Seriously stunning ceramics!

Our ceramics supremo, Sue King, had created dozens of beautiful vases for a project that has been scuppered by CV19.

Not to be defeated, Sue generously donated them to Still Life for members to paint them as they wished.

Just in… top row are Anne’s vase in dazzling sunset colours, Chrissie’s minimalist pattern with peacock feathers, and next to that Rachel’s in her favourite colour – blue – used to real effect in the circles.

Next row are three views of Gemma’s gorgeously decorated pot – each side with a different pattern..

The blue theme continues with Mavis’s peacock-inspired vase, and Jill’s (yes! it’s me at last..) blue vase with trademark gold trimmings, and then Alison’s in bright, post box red .

Bottom row- Jayne’s Art Deco-esque pair of pink and black pots and Beth’s in classic Habitat-esque umber and orange ..

And at the bottom, Sue’s vases in their unadorned, original state.


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