Still Life Rhos on Sea

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… As of January 2022 the group is temporarily on hold. Normal service will resume… watch this space! When we resume …. we are now meeting in Colwyn Bay Cricket Club’s Pavilion, Penrhyn Avenue, on Friday mornings from 11am to 1pm. We will be welcoming back long-time membersContinue reading “Still Life Rhos on Sea”

We’re back – and making art to music!

It’s been a long time coming but The Escape Artists’ groups are back in business after 18 months of working at it from home And we’ve been mixing media with two weeks of painting inspired by music. Ever tried dancing and painting at the same time? We have! Our Conwy group i currently at capacityContinue reading “We’re back – and making art to music!”

Here’s one we made earlier…

We have been keeping busy and creative as we look forward to meeting again. Chrissie has created a fabulous dress using old – or should that be pre-loved – denim jeans. (This was how Biba started! Watch this space!) Beth has been inspired to have a go at rubbing pastel chalks over wallpaper using andContinue reading “Here’s one we made earlier…”

Boats ahoy!

What is it about paper boats that makes them so satisfying? Nostalgia? Maybe… Thanks to Sian’s guide to the art we have been turning out a stylish flotilla of little boats. First in was Bethan’s, complete with authentic seashore finds and the boat’s crew fashioned from plasticine! Next in the fleet came Rachel’s jaunty craftContinue reading “Boats ahoy!”

Treasured islands…

Escaping is the not – so-hidden theme for our poetry illustration this month,. What with everything that’s going on in the world a week marooned on a desert island – no masks, no food shortages and the isolation without the pings ? What’s not to love? Beth was straight off to a blue lagoon somewhereContinue reading “Treasured islands…”