Collage collection

We were introduced to the work of Welsh artist Edrica Huws, by Chloe Needham, for a collage inspired by the patchworks Huws specialised in. Quick off the mark for this was Trish with an enticing exotic view, followed by Anne’s striking coastal scene, Mavis’s island haven, Rachel’s tropical paradise and Chrissie’s palm beach ! JustContinue reading “Collage collection”

Seriously stunning ceramics!

Our ceramics supremo, Sue King, had created dozens of beautiful vases for a project that has been scuppered by CV19. Not to be defeated, Sue generously donated them to Still Life for members to paint them as they wished. Just in… top row are Anne’s vase in dazzling sunset colours, Chrissie’s minimalist pattern with peacockContinue reading “Seriously stunning ceramics!”

We must go down to the sea again…

This month’s (August) poems were all about the sea-To The Sea by Philip Larkin, Sea Fever and Cargoes by John Maesfield. Chrissie’s moody seascape is inspired by sunset off Llanddulas, Rachel captured Larkin’s description of a traditional paddling and rockpooling day out, while Menna (centre) was inspired by Maesfield’s To The Sea, as was TrishContinue reading “We must go down to the sea again…”