Painting the poem – one

This week we were inspired by Dylan Thomas’ Fern Hill and Wordsworth’s Daffodils, with help from Ruth Bitowski. Both poems are below. First in was Alison’s cheery daffodil (below), followed by Trish’s Fern Hill fox and daffodils (below). Anne’s flowers, all with their heads held high and looking to the sun (above) and Mavis’s fieldContinue reading “Painting the poem – one”

Poem of the week – To make a portrait of a bird

To make a portrait of a bird  by Jacques Prevert First paint a cage With an open door Then paint Something pretty Something simple Something beautiful Something useful For the bird Then place the canvas against a tree In a garden In a wood Or in a forest Hide yourself behind the tree Without speakingContinue reading “Poem of the week – To make a portrait of a bird”