Still Life Conwy

Our Conwy Still Life group is back – again!
Because of Covid restrictions our numbers are limited and the group is currently full.
Sadly, we can no longer offer an open door drop-in policy but if you are over 16,  and have lost someone important, whether that person was a relative,  friend or colleague – please do contact us so that we can get in touch when normal service resumes.

Everyone taking part – including the group organiser and workshop artists –   has a shared experience of how that feels.  

This isn’t art therapy, and we aren’t counsellors, but it is a chance to leave difficult feelings at the door for the couple of hours and focus on something completely different. Thankst our funders, there is no charge – all sessions are free. And above all … you don’t have to be ‘good at art’ to take part.

We are ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions. If there’s an artform you would like to try, please let us know!

Updated January 2022.

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