A flight of feathers…

Creating life-like feathers in watercolour was Chloe’s challenge this month. First to take flight were Bethan’s, followed by a whole host of feathers from Anne and then some more …this time from Rachel. And then a further five feathers fluttering in from Trish. Plus an extra two on greetings cards, later! Just in are Chrissie’sContinue reading “A flight of feathers…”

Abstract with a twist

Hands up all those who can name the world’s first abstract artist! Nope… it was actually a Swedish woman – Hilma af Klint – whose work is inspiration for this week’s session, created by Sue. Klint was way ahead of the better known Kandinsky but decreed her work would only be shown 20 years afterContinue reading “Abstract with a twist”

Black out poetry

Words and images harmoniously collide in black-out poetry – and no, it doesn’t involve using your nain’s curtains from the Blitz! It’s about finding the poetry hidden amongst the text of a sheet of newspaper, or an old book or magazine and then vamping it up. First in was Trish with an eco-themed black outContinue reading “Black out poetry”