Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus – Happy St David’s Day

It’s nearly a year since we last met together and eleven months since we were painting these daffodils in the first of our series of poetry illustrations! These paintings are also on show as part of our exhibition of work at Conwy Culture Centre – on the centre’s windows facing into the park.

Picasso’s sleeping woman

Sue’s challenge to us this month was to take a surreal Picasso portrait of a woman sleeping – in monochrome – and make it our own. First in was Trish’s colourful slumbering figure, followed by a tattooed woman by Mavis. They were followed by not one, but two sleeping beauties from Beth followed by Rachel’sContinue reading “Picasso’s sleeping woman”

A flight of feathers…

Creating life-like feathers in watercolour was Chloe’s challenge this month. First to take flight were Bethan’s, followed by a whole host of feathers from Anne and then some more …this time from Rachel. And then a further five feathers fluttering in from Trish. Plus an extra two on greetings cards, later! Just in are Chrissie’sContinue reading “A flight of feathers…”

Black out poetry

Words and images harmoniously collide in black-out poetry – and no, it doesn’t involve using your nain’s curtains from the Blitz! It’s about finding the poetry hidden amongst the text of a sheet of newspaper, or an old book or magazine and then vamping it up. First in was Trish with an eco-themed black outContinue reading “Black out poetry”

Blwyddyn Newydd Da …. Happy New Year!

Well, here we are at the end of an unforgettable year with so much to be celebrated. We’re raising a virtual glass  to everyone who took part in Still Life in 2020. Colourful abstract paintings were a Technicolor shot in the arm (and one that didn’t need to be deep frozen!)  Embracing self-portraiture in drawingContinue reading “Blwyddyn Newydd Da …. Happy New Year!”

Hey! Wait a minute Mr Postman…

Who can resist a handmade card? Not when they are are as Christmassy as these! As the first commercial Christmas card, from 1843, goes on sale for around $25,000, we have created priceless – and very individual versions. These future collectables have been made by Rachel (top row) and in her trademark blue; a rainbowContinue reading “Hey! Wait a minute Mr Postman…”

Santa’s little helpers

Where would the man in the red coat and big bushy beard be without these little fellas to help with his worldwide delivery service? We welcome Cath’s little elf into the fold- arriving, just in the nick of time on Christmas Eve! Your very good ‘elf! STOP PRESS- A little late to the party isContinue reading “Santa’s little helpers”