Messages in a bottle…

Feeling marooned on this island we’re on? Time to dispatch a bottle! Apparently, bottled messages date to about 310 B.C., and were used in Greek water current studies. This early form of email (sea-mail?) went viral in the sixteenth century, when Queen Elizabeth I reputedly created an official position of “Uncorker of Ocean Bottles.” BackContinue reading “Messages in a bottle…”

Sculpture vultures!

As much as we love the work of Anish Kapoor and Barbara Hepworth, it is entirely possible to make sculpture without a huge studio … or budget. Sian’s challenge was to turn everday items into something totally different and, indeed, original. Imagine one of these as the Angel of the North (Wales)? Antony Gormley eatContinue reading “Sculpture vultures!”

Still Life masterpieces. The sequel!

Following our attempts to reconstruct a well-known painting by famous artists and photograph it… Here is part two of Ruth’s challenge. Now we’re recreating our photographed versions of the original in paint. Simples! You have to look very hard to see which was the original in Heather’s almost mirror image of her take on Cezanne.Continue reading “Still Life masterpieces. The sequel!”

DIY masterpieces!

This week’s challenge – from Ruth – was to knock out a masterpiece. But we do that every week, I hear you cry. Well, yes. But, more specifically, this was reconstructing a range of famous paintings with whatever you have lying around the house. And then photographing them. Just in is Beth’s arrangement of aContinue reading “DIY masterpieces!”

Going round in circles…

The decorative art of mandala making was our focus this week, introduced to us by Sian. Mandalas have their roots in Tibet where Buddist monks would work intricate patters in coloured sand, usually in concentric circles to represent the circle of life. Just in is Gemma’s perfectly placed mandala of shells on a pink backgroundContinue reading “Going round in circles…”

All creatures great and small

We’re in the poetic animal kingdom this week with illustration inspiration from Ruth and also Japanese illustrator Miroco Machico. The poems (in full below) are The Tyger by William Blake, The Cat and the Sea by RS Thomas, A Popular Personage at Home by Thomas Hardy, The Crocodile by Lewis Carroll and Dragonfly by Rebecca Kai Dotlich.Continue reading “All creatures great and small”