DIY masterpieces!

This week’s challenge – from Ruth – was to knock out a masterpiece.

But we do that every week, I hear you cry. Well, yes. But, more specifically, this was reconstructing a range of famous paintings with whatever you have lying around the house. And then photographing them.

Just in is Beth’s arrangement of a fruit bowl, just as Cezanne had it and complete with her painted vase from an earlier challenge to paint ceramics made by Sue for an exhibition scuppered by CV19.

Mavis was also influenced by Cezanne’s composition of wine, fruit and vases.

First in was Anne’s reworking of Cezanne’s Still Life with Apples, cleverly substituting apples for seeds and some other 21st century additions.

Then came Trish’s colourful take on Mary Fedden and Cezanne’s studies of fruit and wine. Love the orange cloth.

Your web hostess was also attracted by Fedden’s deceptively simple arrangement! while Rachel’s Cezanne inspired composition, was complete with her hand-painted vase from last summer..

Admit it – you had to look twice!

The masterpieces…

The originals…

Top left to right: Matisse, Grace Venditti, Marsden Hartley

Middle: Cezanne, Mary Fedden, Samuel John Peploe

Bottom: Cezanne, Patrick Caulfield, Elizabeth Blackadder

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