Going round in circles…

The decorative art of mandala making was our focus this week, introduced to us by Sian.

Mandalas have their roots in Tibet where Buddist monks would work intricate patters in coloured sand, usually in concentric circles to represent the circle of life.

Just in is Gemma’s perfectly placed mandala of shells on a pink background that makes the seashells pop! And Chrissie’s edible artwork. Pasta mandala’s on the menu!

First in was two from Rachel – a floral pattern made from needlecraft decorations, in blues, contrasting with a painted yellow circle.

Then came Bethan’s seashell extravaganza made from shells collected locally. Very zen!

Next, a tile found on Conwy morfa, and feathers from Gwydir Castle make a perfect partnership from me/Jill.

Then a shell-tastic mandala – this time from Trish, with sea glass highlights.

And just in, a circlet of spring garden flowers – just right for Easter- from Mavis, who grew them!

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