A flight of feathers…

Creating life-like feathers in watercolour was Chloe’s challenge this month.

First to take flight were Bethan’s, followed by a whole host of feathers from Anne and then some more …this time from Rachel.

And then a further five feathers fluttering in from Trish. Plus an extra two on greetings cards, later!

Just in are Chrissie’s peacock and parrot feathers.

Then a selection of plumage from Mavis and a late flutter from Gemma.

Feather Old English fether, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch veer and German Feder, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit patra ‘wing’, Latin penna ‘feather’, and Greek pteron, pterux ‘wing’. Cymraeg pluen

Click on the images for a closer – and sharper – look!

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