Blwyddyn Newydd Da …. Happy New Year!

Well, here we are at the end of an unforgettable year with so much to be celebrated.

We’re raising a virtual glass  to everyone who took part in Still Life in 2020.

Colourful abstract paintings were a Technicolor shot in the arm (and one that didn’t need to be deep frozen!) 

Embracing self-portraiture in drawing and painting was ideal done  at home, where first efforts could be quietly binned…

Ceramic ladybirds and Christmas decorations are the new and future heirlooms.

Weaving with hessian was an inspired idea for using what you had to hand, and nobody will be forgetting those wonderfully constructed Japanese origami dolls, any time soon!

Our website had 10,000 views in 2020 … ten times the usual!

Rounding off the year were peace doves and garlands, combining a sense of tradition and a bit of much-needed calm. 

And who could resist  those cheeky felt elves, and the rabbits!!

We also created exhibitions with our illustrated poems at Conwy Culture Centre, and in Colwyn Bay Hospital’s Dementia Cafe.

Thanks go to Beryl, Chloe, Gill, Hannah, Ruth and Sue for their endless ingenuity. And also to our funders who continued to support us and ultimately made it all possible.

Here’s to an equally creative 2021…

And starting us off on the right foot, handpainted 2021 calendars created by Anne (left) and Chrissie , inspired by Chloe.

Blwyddyn Newydd Da …. Happy New Year!

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