The 12 Questions of Christmas Quiz Answers!

1) Christmas was banned in Britain between 1647 and 1660. True or False?

2) December 25 was originally:

a) The Romans’ 4th century winter solstice celebration?  b) A 10th century Saint’s day or c) A 12th century Feast day?  

3) The earliest Christmas hymns date back to which century? 

a) 4th  b) 6th c) 8th 

4) UK League football matches were last played on Christmas Day in: 

a) 1950s   b) 1960s c) 1970s 

5) English and Welsh banks last opened on Christmas Day in

  a) 1834 b) 1874 c)1934  

6) Christmas favourite Poinsettia, has been around since the 16th century. Which country does it originally come from? 

a) France b) Turkey c) Mexico

7) UK National newspapers were printed on Christmas Day until which year?

a) 1892 b) 1912 c) 1932 

8) Christmas was banned in the communist USSR for 70 years until when? 

a) 1971 b)1981 c)1991 

9) Jingle Bells was written to celebrate US Thanksgiving despite it being in the Autumn and having no Christmas connection.  True or False? 

10) When was Jingle Bells written?   

a)1857  b) 1897   c)1927 

11) The first commercial Christmas card was produced when?

a) 1843 b) 1863 c) 1923

12) Scotland’s church made celebrating Christmas illegal in 1640. This was revoked in 1740, but when did Christmas Day become a Bank Holiday in Scotland?  

a) 1858  b) 1908  c) 1958 


  1. True
  2. A Roman feast day 
  3. The 4th century
  4. 1957
  5. 1834
  6. Mexico
  7. 1912
  8. 1991 
  9. True
  10. 1857
  11. 1843
  12. 1958 (and Boxing Day not until 1974)

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