Portaits of the artist … and others!

Ruth set us what has probably been our most challenging task yet … a self-portrait! Yikes!!

First in pencil, and then in paint, the portraits have been inspired by Modigliani whose paintings offer a simplified, and slightly elongated version of the sitter.

As usual the rules are there are no rules and not everyone has painted a self portait.

We also welcome Cath, a new member, who has been thrown in at the deep end – and risen admirably to the challenge – with the portrait (top row) and pencil portrait (below) – her first pieces of work for Still Life!

Rachel’s portrait, complete with mask, is more than a self portrait – it’s a painting of our times…

First in were Anne’s and then Trish – both of women in blue (below).

Then mine (JT) – spot who didn’t follow the brief! Then Mavis – another blue lady – and Beth – both in hats…

Below are the pencil portraits.

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